I thought that these days between the years would never end – as if the new year would be endlessly delayed … Not a bad utopia – or rather maetopia? – to be caught between the years or rather: to be caught right there. But whether utopia or maetopia – both go by, disappear into the secrecy of the past.

So, as time goes by, I return to the secrecy from which I came by interrupting the work on this blog. Because, as Ovid already knew: „Bene qui latuit, bene vixit“/ „He who hid well lived well.“ (cf. my blog post from 18.6.12)

There are indeed people who walk the path of secrecy. People who either haven’t yet be­come eerie about their own meaninglessness, or who don’t feel urged by it, when it has become eerie to them, to deceive themselves about it, e.g. in a blog like this.

To remember: In a blog like this, I once quoted Friedrich Kittler, who was asked in an in­ter­view: „Are you interested in Facebook?“ and yet actually replied: „No, I really don’t have anything to do with that. I have the creepy feeling that people have become so un­im­por­tant to those who rule and manage the world that self-representation is their last resort. (cf. here).

Not bad: Self-representation as the last salvation from non-representation, from secrecy, from the non-occurrence of the individual in the dominant discourse, from sinking into concealment. The unbearable: that we are born noiseless in the noise of the masses and die in the same way, we hoot down with just this noise …

Question to Zuckerberg: Where and how is death intended in Facebook’s „Chronicle“ – from birth to death? Who writes the last entry about the last life event – or rather about the death event of which there is no first and no last? And what kind of event would that be? To whom will it belong?

Well, who owns our data, even if it’s only our death data? – It‘s to be feared: the mo­no­po­lists, those who rule and manage the world! In any case, they are fond of it.

Über Christian Kupke

Philosoph, Autor + Dozent
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