So far: When I started thirty / forty years ago, I started from false premises.

In any case, it has become necessary to rethink the (political) world.

So everything has changed in the last thirty / forty years? Yes, everything. But also no­thing. Yes, everything because the broad intellectual, but also unintellectual consensus, the alliance of different strata of the population, the majority that had formed to be able to assert left-wing politics, because this consensus, this alliance and this majority has become impossible for the foreseeable future. But also nothing, because we have not made a single step forward on the road to fundamental democratic change and a possible coming world democracy. In fact, today we are further away from that than before.

Nothing has changed in the really relevant areas. We are still having the same discussions – with dwindling participation – as in the seventies and eighties. The „fucking liberals“ – as I have already pointed out – were already criticized at that time (cf. Jean Améry, Wi­der­sprü­che, Frankfurt/M. 1980, p. 205); and the „acceleration“ of the processes of social change, of which meanwhile a Hartmut Rosa can write whole books in his leisurely so­ci­o­lo­gi­cal German, sufficient thought was given at that time (cf. ibid., p. 12ff), so that no fur­ther comments are necessary.

As you can see, it can be helpful to take a look at older books – those with left-wing, long-forgotten concepts – in order to assure oneself of history and to become aware that there is nothing new under the sun, that is, how little the critical knowledge of the 60s, 70s and 80s has fallen on fertile ground. Exactly the opposite is the case: critical knowledge has been exhausted in affirmative action, the former resisters have become turncoats, the cri­tics of yesterday’s conditions their greatest beneficiaries of today.

In other words: Value orientation and value realization are still in stark – capitalist – con­tra­dic­tion to each other. Much has been said, nothing has been done: The social divides, both national and international, are widening; weapons are still being sold worldwide, in war regions whose number is increasing (Germany is one of the largest arms exporters); the oceans are suffocating in plastic and garbage, and climate change can no longer be stopped. Billions and billions have been spent diagnosing the catastrophe we are heading for (still the most advanced task of science), nothing to avert it. We keep heading for it.

Of course, digitalisation and the World Wide Web have brought about major changes. We have, as they say, arrived in the „digital age“. But where has it led us? After leaving the In­ter­net to some data-hungry monopolists and turning it into a big capital machine (which breathes, warms, eats, shits and fucks), you buy and sell the usual trifles (gibberish, clicks, advertising messages, opinions and the like) at equally trifling prices in ever new va­ri­a­ti­ons, while world events are turning into a horror film – awarded by all experts – which we can watch every evening on YouTube with pleasure.

You have to have a good portion of masochism to do this to yourself.

And, by the way, all this makes writing unpleasant. It seems more and more pointless.

Über Christian Kupke

Philosoph, Autor + Dozent
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