I recently read an interview in a weekly newspaper (der Freitag, Nr. 6, 7.2.19) with the French filmmaker and author Virginie Despentes (cf. https://www.freitag.de/autoren/der-freitag/sei-brav-sklave). Here is a short excerpt:

Q: „How can democratic and humanist values and the social market economy be saved?“

A: „As far as values are concerned, that is already fucked up. The refugee crisis in Europe prohibits us from talking about humanism. And the disregard for the voices of the Greek people prevents us from talking about democracy. We must not delude ourselves: These values have already been sacrificed. The austerity policy in all the countries of Europe is a war of annihilation which is intended to destroy all the social achievements achieved by the struggles of the population in the twentieth century. The aim is to reduce the European populations to the poverty and misery levels of the 18th century.“

Q: „Are you serious?“

A: „Yes, the class of the richest has never been more determined to wage such a violent war against the working classes. It seems as if the richest wanted to avenge themselves bla­tant­ly, as if they had the impression that they had been humiliated for the last 50 years. And now we are to pay dearly for the last decades when decent living conditions prevailed. One thing is clear: the richest can no longer tolerate their power being limited in any way – eco­lo­gi­cally, politically or ethically.“

She’s right about everything she says. And it is by no means exaggerated. We are all de­lu­ding our­selves because we want to believe in the blessings of democracy and capitalism. But the problem is: democracy and capitalism are not compatible.

Über Christian Kupke

Philosoph, Autor + Dozent
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